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    Server maintenance and a regular schedule will ensure that your servers are healthy and functioning properly. A planned maintenance ensures that there is no multi-tasking, rather a full check ups and pro-active server maintenance is performed to ensure the server maintenance is performed to ensure the proper attention is given to your infrastructure. Unscheduled server maintenance is usually done in a hurried, sloppy fashion, or usually, omitted completely in place of resolving issues that affect a single user. Very unwise.

    Our scheduled pro-active server maintenance visit has a 20 point plan and checklist including:

    1. Check all error logs for potential problems that need attention.
    2. Check Anti Virus protection.
    3. Check this mouth’s server availability log.
    4. Patch and updates assessment and installation.
    5. Data backup log checks.
    6. Service pack updates if needed.
    7. Compile and send out server maintenance report to client to confirm proper communication.
    8. Many other quick pro-active server maintenance tasks that depend on the specifics of the  network architecture.

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